Elegant Minimalism

Munster Interiors

The home can be a window into a life well travelled, as well as a canvas for home décor that captures one’s lifestyle, tastes and occasional fads. The bold and elegant design of this lakefront apartment marked a milestone in the life of interior designer, Stephan Jones, becoming the starting point for his company, Stephan Jones Interiors.

Light plays a major role in this two-bedroom apartment

housed in a glass-walled midcentury modern high-rise that faces the north side of the beautiful Chicago skyline. The exotic accessories found in the 1,400 square foot space serve as conversation pieces that hint at the travels during which they were collected, finally finding a home in this modernist haven.

“Honest, clean and sturdy”

The apartment is a mixture of Stephan’s own approach to design as well as reflecting influences from his past work alongside Chicago design mogul, Bruce Gregga. “Honest, clean and sturdy” are three words used often by Bruce whose philosophy is, “Nothing fussy”.

The renovation of this apartment really allowed Stephan to push his boundaries. Whilst incorporating the craftsmanship and experience he gained from working with Gregga, he injected bolder pops of colour mixed with eclectic pieces, all the while maintaining poise and elegance. “I wanted to be less structured, and to employ decorative furniture more freely,” Stephan explains.

The living room is a prime example of his new design outlook. With a playful round bone inlay table, an exotic tobacco and camel striped floor rug, and a green-overlay painting - serving as the focal point of the room - the space exudes his newly found artistic freedom coupled with his strong use of light. To the east stands a beautifully placed saltglazed double gourd lamp atop a vintage credenza, contrasting rhythmically with his innovative sea grass wall-covering.

The décor is completed with two of his own creations:

a misty oil-on-teal burlap collage painting, and sculptural hands.