A Look Back at 2020

I think many people would agree that 2020 is a year we will be happy to say goodbye to on New Years Eve as we ring in 2021. It certainly was a challenging year. It made us rethink everything we took for granted, alter the way we work and play, and learn how to adapt.


The challenge for me was getting used to a new way of working. Everything takes a lot more planning.

Even a simple task like going for an impromptu sourcing excursion requires extra thinking and scheduling.



The pandemic also forced us to be more current in how we work. We have a better understanding of how technology can help us and the ways in which we can be more efficient. We learned how to create community even though we can't gather and socialize. 

Looking back at the past year, what stands out is our capacity to turn challenges into opportunity.


The launch of our retail store was meant to be a new beginning, the next step in our journey which included re-branding the business and an increase in exposure, with a goal of growth and development. But our much-anticipated opening was halted by the pandemic and we were forced to work remotely during the Stay-at-Home orders.

Silver Lining

I had the luxury to take it one step at a time and let things resonate.

While re-locating my studio to a new space and opening a storefront in 2020 may seem like the worst possible timing, ultimately, I feel it was done at the right moment. I have no regrets, although it may have been just a little stressful. The shutdown necessitated by the pandemic gave me the opportunity to fine tune with less pressure and set up the new office and shop in a more organized way. I had the luxury to take it one step at a time and let things resonate.


The shop is an extension of the studio and has given us the opportunity to diversify the services that we offer and also something to focus on during moments of quiet. Its been rewarding to see the progression of my practice and how far we've come. I feel much more prepared going forward, having had the opportunity to consider who we are and in what ways we will continue to evolve.

The process has helped me solidify what my brands is and given me more confidence talking about it. 

Even though we are divided as a country, the pandemic has also unified us globally and shown us how small the world really is. This has given us a sense of community, which has been facilitated by communication tools that have kept us connected. Tools that we were perhaps unfamiliar with previously have now become a cornerstone of how we do business and will surely continue to be.


Looking Forward

Somehow, we're all getting through this together. I am so grateful that we've been able to keep working on some great projects that will be installed in 2021.

I love being in this awesome new space that really shows off our brand and the progression we have made from not only being a design firm but also a source for vintage and antique furnishings and art for our clients, our industry, and the public. 

We greet 2021 with a motivation, satisfaction and inspiration that we didn't have before. We cherish what we have adopted and adapted to in 2020 and will continue to use these valuable skills.

I look forward to not having to wear a mask, going out to eat, getting on a plane and going in search of exciting new items to bring to the shop.


We are also excited about the launch of The Bruno Effect in the Spring of 2021, a new shopping platform that supports vintage and antique dealers worldwide that we are so thankful to have been invited to be a part of.

More on that to come...

Meanwhile, let's raise a glass to putting 2020 in the rearview mirror and toast to a New Year and new opportunities!