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After working in design for over twenty years, Stephan Jones has traveled the globe, scouring several antique stores, flea markets, showrooms and galleries, while also studying many iconic structures and styles. His work—that spans from Napa to Los Angeles, Chicago and New York—is a reflection of his exceptional taste and passion for found art and objects, which inspired him to open a galleries of goods in West Hollywood. While physically closed due to the pandemic, business is still booming, with all items available for purchase via online and over the phone. Here, Jones shares a few fun ways he is sheltering-in-place as well as fabulous finds from his cleverly curated shop.


Do you work from home in your living room or dining room?  Dining room, I have to sit at a table to focus. However my husband and I are competing for space at the table and he likes to point out that I am a heavy handed typer on my laptop.

What is your favorite tea, and in what mug?  I don’t do tea, that would instead have to be an ice cold vodka martini in a chilled martini glass.

Do you have a go-to playlist for dancing alone in your living room?  The new Tame Impala and Phantogram albums to get my groove on, and for my contemplative moments I listen to The War on Drugs.

Share three things that you can’t live without.  Grubhub, when it is my turn to plan dinner, getting the car washed on a weekly basis and National Public Radio – KCRW or WBEZ.

Is there one ingredient you put in everything?  I love fennel, raw, roasted or whatever.

How would you define your aesthetic in three words?  Edited, grounded and masculine.

What is your favorite piece of clothing?  Washable merino wool sweaters from Uni-Qlo. They are like t-shirts for me.

Do you have a go-to quarantine read?  The Lyre of Orpheus by Robertson Davies. I try to re-read his novels from time to time and well I guess now is good time for that!

What are three binge-worthy TV shows/movies that you’ve been watching? Homeland for drama and Avenue 5 for laughs.