Welcome to the Art of Living

It is with great excitement that I welcome you to my new blog and newsletter, The Art of Living. I am eager to share with you my experience and my enthusiasm for the interior design process, as well as what the art of living should mean to all of us.


Building the platform

It is no coincidence that this blog is being launched alongside our new website, www.stephanjones.com and the opening of our new store and studio in West Hollywood. Creating the site was an exercise in the art of collaboration, which is also the way we approach the work we do with our clients. The course of developing a new look and feel really brought into focus who I am, what I care about and the direction in which I am moving. It helped me pinpoint the importance of following my heart, my instincts, and my artistic intuition and showed me how keenly I lean into the flow of the creative process.

I hope to use this blog to better express who I am.

the work we do

and the things I love

The environment that surrounds me is of utmost importance


it keeps me grounded and it affects my moods, energy level and ability to be creative. I want to connect with people who have the same appreciation for the role of the interior world that we inhabit. My goal is to share with you our ideas about the art of living.

And because the art of living is not just about interior design, the blog will be

part travel, part interiors

part inspiration and part education

You will get a sneak preview into our process and give you a feel for what it is like to work with us.

We invite you to come along the journey.