The Process

To work with Stephan on a project is a sublime journey into the world of creativity and passion.

an experience of discovery, growth, and realization.

With an artist’s perspective and an interior architect’s steady hand, Stephan designs environments that house the heart and soul of his clients and reflect the narrative of their lives. He believes that an interior space should feel like it has always existed, organic and revealing, rather than something that has been “created.”

Stephan provides unique design ideas focused on his clients’ needs, desires and budget. The relationship with the client, like the house itself, is built from the ground up. It is based on collaboration and trust, which allows Stephan to uncover the story the home wants to tell and to work with his clients so that their dreams can be properly realized.

Step One

The Journey Begins

The project begins with walking the site to discover the design direction of the structure, using a holistic approach that considers its flow, color, texture, and space. The scope of the project is determined and then, guided by Stephan’s innate understanding of how space works, drawings and design schematics, as well as a space plan based on the overall design direction, are presented.

An interior space should feel like it has always existed, organic and revealing


Step Two

We Plan

The design development and planning stage is critical. Starting with shape and form, Stephan embarks on an organized and geometric process to find the central gravity of the project that grounds it. Stephan understands that planning is as important as the building process because a good result requires good planning. It is a collaborative process that unfolds as the story that it is being told is discovered and starts to take shape.  


Step Three


The plan is then implemented: project management, sourcing the best quality materials, hiring the most qualified craftspeople and builders, overseeing the work and budgeting all come into play. The best projects are the direct result of the entire team - architects, vendors, contractors, SJI and the client – working in unison.

Step Four

We Dance!

Finally, everything comes together during the exhilarating process of installation. This is when the work ends and the journey (and the dance party!) begins.