The Process

To work with Stephan on a project is a sublime journey into the world of creativity and passion.

an experience of discovery, growth, and realization.

With an artist’s perspective and an interior architect’s steady hand, Stephan designs environments that house the heart and soul of his clients. He believes that an interior space should feel like it has always existed, organic and revealing, rather than something that has been “created.”

His Los Angeles based company, Stephan Jones | Studio, is a full-service interior design firm working on projects across the country. From interior design and architecture to project management and administration, SJ | Studio provides a wide range of services. These services include the selection of architectural finishes, fixtures, furnishings, and art, as well as CAD generated drawings of detailed space plans and elevations for projects of any size - from a pied-a-terre to an entire estate.

Stephan provides unique design ideas focused on his clients’ needs, desires and budget. The relationship with the client, like the house itself, is built from the ground up. It is based on collaboration and trust, which allows Stephan to uncover the story the home wants to tell while working with his clients to ensure that their dreams are properly realized.

The new luxury is about quality, uniqueness, moments and narratives


1) We Begin

Schematic Design

During the Schematic Design phase, SJ | Studio collaborates with the client and architect to establish the groundwork on which the project will be built. It includes space plans, initial finish selections and defining the design direction. This will serve as the starting point for furniture selections and materials to convey the narrative of the home.



2) We Plan

Design Development

SJ | Studio understands that planning is as important as the building process, great design requires solid planning. During the Design Development phase, Stephan and his team begin sourcing furnishings, developing plans for the interior architecture, and finalizing all finish selections. It is a collaborative process that unfolds as SJ | Studio works together with the client, architect, and craftspeople involved. 


3) We Document

Construction Documents

During the Construction Documents phase SJ | Studio distills the design direction into a set of plans and documents for use in pricing and construction. This is the phase where organization and project management marries with the design. Detailed drawings of architectural elements and the interiors are created, finish specifications and scheduled by room are prepared, and the sourcing of furnishings begins. 

Detailed drawings of architectural elements and the interiors


4) We Manage

Construction Administration

Leaning into their problem solving and managerial skills during the Construction Administration phase, SJ | Studio reviews all finishes, prototypes and shop drawings. This ensures that the integrity and quality of the design direction is maintained. Site meetings with the owner and team are essential to review progress and resolve any challenges which arise. This stage also involves managing the logistics behind the ordering, fabrication, shipping, and consolidation of furnishings in time for the final phase. 


5) We Transform


During the final installation phase, SJ | Studio transforms the efforts of the building process into making the space a home. This includes the installation of the furnishings, artworks, and the layers that bring the home to life. It is the moment where we can step back, raise a glass, and celebrate the bigger picture of what has been created. 

The firm’s mission is to produce a home that is grounded in story, so that it may serve as a reflection and an extension of the inhabitants that dwell within.