Birnam Estate

Montecito, California

This full renovation of a 1980’s house in Montecito tells the story of a seamless transition from an urban environment to southern California living for a Chicago couple. The home, with sweeping views of the Santa Ynez mountains, is a reflection of the owners’ elegance, poise and sense of style. The house’s interior, with neutral tones, clean lines and layers of texture, graciously accommodates the couple’s mixture of deco and modern furniture, as well their expertly curated collection of oceanic and modern art, which serve to enliven the living space.

A confluence of form, lines and texture, the home offers both simplicity and nuanced sophistication. With a cool palette and the number of different materials kept to a minimum, it exudes an aura of warmth and calm.

The outdoor space, which includes a pergola-covered terrace and courtyard defined by  sculptural elements and graced by live oak trees, enlarges and expands the house. This home is the ultimate embodiment of southern California’s indoor/outdoor vibe and the perfect expression of a life well-lived by its inhabitants.