Round Pond Vineyards

Rutherford, California

From the onset, it was important to create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors to this family -owned vineyard in Napa Valley. In early discussions with Ryan and Miles, siblings and managing partners, regarding the design of the tasting room, the desire to create a space both exciting and intimate became apparent. “Industrial” and “rustic chic” became the key words and focus when selecting finishes and furnishings for the project.

Textured slate floors, troweled plaster walls, raw sandblasted timbers and iron hardware all contribute to the simplicity and straightforwardness of the environment. Repurposed factory tool tables grouped with simple, sturdy, modern seating are gathering spots for groups and individuals to sample and enjoy the wines, olive oils and produce from the vineyard. The design of the building, interiors, terraces and landscaping reflects the family’s deep connection to the land and their enthusiasm to share that authenticity.