Seaview Oceanfront

Hammond's Beach, California

This was the full-gut renovation of an oceanfront condo in Santa Barbara. Located in a gorgeous setting but in a non-descript complex built in the early 1970's, the two-bedroom unit was in its original condition, having never been upgraded or renovated. The goal was to elevate the inside of the apartment - both its layout and the interior design - to the same level of spectacular as the outdoor space. 

The home is located on the ground floor, with unobstructed views of the ocean. Taking the beach resort setting into account, Stephan created a classic coastal look, casual rather than traditional. He elevated the finishes by designing white oak panels for the living and dining room walls, adding hardwood floors and using driftwood-colored paint and wallpaper.

The original layout was very traditional and needed a total refresh. Stephan designed an open floor plan for the kitchen, dining room and living room, and converted the apartment from a two-bedroom to a three-bedroom unit by creating another bedroom as an extension of the master suite. 

When the project was complete, there was a harmony in the layout of the space and the finishes used, and a flow between the indoor and outdoor areas, converging on the same elevated level of design.