SF Decorators Showcase

San Francisco, California

Set with the task of designing a study for the 2016 San Francisco Decorators Showcase, Stephan fashioned a soothing retreat imbued with the creativity and colorful energy of the San Francisco Bay Area. Conceived in an earthy palette of indigo blues, charcoal browns, wheats and ivory reflecting the state’s iconic landscape, the study is a serene space for both work and relaxation.

Mixing contemporary artwork with baroque and mid-century antiques, the designer crafted a space that reflects the convergence of old and new, narrating the city of San Francisco’s connection to surrounding historic coastal regions via the Golden Gate Bridge.

Natural materials, hand-blocked prints and leather give the study a distinct air of modern elegance. Sculptural lines, calligraphic ink paintings and vibrant patterns are layered with ease, resulting in a space that is at once classic and contemporary, urban and organic.