SOMA Retreat

San Francisco, California

This apartment, in the quickly-changing SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco, is the home of a passionate art collector and benefactor of arts organizations. Stephan’s client, with whom he has previously worked, wanted a pied-a-terre to serve as a backdrop for her evolving collection of modern art, while providing a restful retreat when spending time in the city. As in his previous projects for this client, Stephan created an interior which is both elegant and comfortable, reflecting her sophisticated tastes and graceful personality.

From the outset, both the designer and homeowner had the primary goal of highlighting the museum-quality artwork. To achieve this, Stephan chose a warm, textural palette of honey and wheat tones with accents of red as the backdrop for the dramatic collection of abstract expressionist art. In the master sitting room and bedroom, the artwork is more subdued and tranquil in color. Stephan and his client chose to turn the color up on the walls by lining them in a basketwoven linen in aquamarine blue. Even with the bold use of color throughout, the apartment is remarkably tranquil and welcoming.