Wine Country

Napa Valley, California

This second-generation Victorian farmhouse was passed down from mother to daughter. The original farmhouse featured smaller compartmentalized rooms, a common feature in homes built the late 1800’s. The daughter and her family asked Stephan to reconceive the home for a young family with an active lifestyle while honoring her mother’s vision and aesthetic by retaining elements from a thorough renovation completed in the early 2000s.

Stephan set out to create a real connection between the home’s interior and its lush exterior. Because the family loves to entertain and cook, the kitchen was expanded to include part of a wrap-around porch, creating space for an intimate breakfast room. The new open design in the main living area flows into the luxuriant gardens, pool, and pool house, taking in the expansive views across the vineyards to the mountains. The interior color scheme reflects the essence and youthfulness of the family with clear, bright yellow and indigo blue, accented by reds and aquamarine. The decor is cheerful and fresh, while maintaining respect for the integrity of the venerable Victorian farmhouse.